Din Din SMART Stainless Mealtime Set (Various Colors)

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Innobaby Din Din SMART Mealtime Set!

All of your favorite Innobaby Din Din Set favorites are together in this one set! Your little one will love that they have their very own dinnerware set, complete with bus platter, bowl with handles, cup, and silverware, all in matching colors!

The bus platter will ensure that your pickiest eater is introduced to new foods without fuss, and transition to big kids dishes will be easier with cups and bowls that have handles and plastic shells to ensure their little hands are protected from extreme temperatures. They’ll be feeling like little grown-ups in no time at all - but don’t worry, they’re not all grown up yet!

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3 Reviews

polojen3 Apr 10th 2019


I know it looks like this review will be misleading. BUT, I promise I purposefully did the 3 stars and the love. I LOVE this container! It was great for snacking for me at home, when I was doing my gym's challenge. It had great portion sizes! My kids love it as well! They love taking the bus out. UNFORTUNATELY, on my blue lids, one melted in the dishwasher, and the other slides off every time. I have no problem with the pink lid I have, but the blue ones are my issues. :(

Jennie Apr 5th 2018

Great Dinnerware Set!

My kids got it in the mail today, and haven't stopped talking about them! They love them! They were upset that I didn't wash them each time to be used over and over again. I'm going to get rid of our two thinkSport ones because my husband hates how hard they are to close! My kids love the cups and the bowls. I'm sure that's what they are going to want for breakfast! Better get washing!!

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