Spike Botanical Bubbles 16 fl oz Refill for Bubble Blower Use


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Spike Botanical Bubbles 16 fl oz Refill for Bubble Blower Use

***Recommended for SPIKE Bubbles Wand or Manual blower use

Love the bubble play but worried about skin irritation or gooey sticky mess?  Skin happy, mess-free bubbles are here: Say hello to SPIKE’s Sensory Bubble Play! Our bubbles are long lasting & mess free without the soapy gooey residue.  Perfect for kids with skin sensitivity, sensory play, bubble therapy, classrooms, birthday parties, special events, and more! Made with non-toxic worry free botanical ingredients, our bubble solution will not dry out your skin or cause stickiness.  

If your kids love bubbles, but you hate the mess, and worried about skin sensitivity to bubble play, you will fall in love with our skin-happy bubble solution!  

Formulated carefully at a skin care facility in South Korea for the use of SPIKE BUBBLE WAND or MANUAL BLOWER for kids with skin sensitivity in mind, our bubble solution is...

  • EASY ON THE SKIN: Safer bubbles made with botanical ingredients without harsh detergent for a cleaner bubble play.  Doesn't get sticky or dry out sensitive skin.
  • FUN WITHOUT THE MESS: Say no to sticky & gooey bubbles and say hello to mess free bubbles!  Formulated to perfection with plant extracts, coconut oil, purified water, and other quality ingredients. 
  • TESTED FOR SAFETY: Meets or Exceeds CPSC, EU, Canada, TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment), and LHAMA (Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act) safety standards.
  • IDEAL FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Non sticky toxic free bubbles are great for indoor & outdoors.  Made for SPIKE BUBBLE WAND or manual blowers.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: No more sticky or gooey residues!  Simply wipe and dry any wet surfaces with dry cloth. 


CARE: Do not shake the bottle for optimal results.  

Warning Attention!

Ages 3+.  Not suitable for children under 3 yrs.  Do not shake the bottle for optimal results.

CAUTION: Use under adult supervision. Do not drink. This is not a food item. If swallowed, immediately drink plenty of water to dilute the solution. Do not blow bubbles directly into eyes or face. If solution gets into eyes, rinse immediately with water. If any irritation occurs, seek medical advice immediately. Recommended for outdoor use. Wipe and dry if surface becomes slippery. 


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