Sippin' SMART EZ Flow Stainless Sippy Cup (Multiple Colors)

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Innobaby's Sippin SMART Ez Flow Sippy Cup

Perfect for anyone looking for an innovative sippy cup in stainless option; Innobaby’s patent-pending Sippin Smart™ ez flow Stainless straw sippy allows ez drinking in any position with its ez flow design.  Also, ez design-it-yourself stainless converter allows converting to a stainless cup ez and fun! This cup does not come personalized and will not contain the name that appears in the photo.

 SMART features include:

  • double lined insulation
  • keeps drinks cold twice as long
  • less condensation
  • write, draw and decorate
  • durable type 304 stainless converter for longer use
  • stainless converter with pressure release valve allows storing warm liquids such as hot cocoa ez.
  • smart straw with weighted stainless ball follows the liquid to provide continuous flow
  • ez flex smart straw is designed to be leak resistant even when it is flipped
  • ez grip lid with leakproof silicone seal makes it 100% leakproof
  • silicone air release valve prevents liquid overflow and guarantees easy flow
  • wide cup opening and curved base makes cleaning easy
  • smart straw tip is designed to be durable & comfortable with its bubble shaped curve to prevent slipping while sipping and makes transition easier.
  • flip top cap keeps smart straw clean
  • tip resistant base 
  • BPA-, Phthalates-, PVC-, Lead Free
  • straw brush included

This set includes:

  • 1 - 10 oz cup with handles
  • 1- 8oz stainless cup insert
  • 1 - ez grip lid with flip top cap
  • 1 - silicone ring for leakproof seal
  • 1 - silicone smart straw with weighted ball
  • 1 - straw cleaning brush 

A few things to know about the sippin' smart stainless:

1)  stainless insert is released from the cup when the vacuum is released.  Simply wiggle inside of the cup and pull it out from the inside.  

2)  orange silicone seal needs to be installed properly for leak proof use.  Silicone ring should be installed by having the thicker part of the ring to be on top and the thinner/longer part of the ring on the bottom.  

3)  Silicone seal should be pulled up all the way to meet the lip of the stainless insert.  No gap should be visible when positioned correctly between the seal and the lip of the stainless insert.

4)  before washing the cup, always remove the stainless insert.  dry thoroughly before installing.   

5)  when installing, push down the stainless insert until you hear the burp.  This noise ensures that seal between the outer cup and the stainless insert.  

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